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Shatters are smoke-less way to enjoy THC highs. It is  also a sought-after product by users who are dealing with discomfort from chronic or severe medical conditions. A concentrated form of cannabinoids and sometimes terpenes, users only use a small portion and put it on a vape pen or a dab rig. Compared to flowers (which are also great by the way), these form of concentrates leave out the harsh-tasting taste you have when you smoke the flowers. After inhaling this, effects will be felt immediately as it will enter the bloodstream through the lung’s alveoli opening.


These indica, sativa, and hybrid  concentrates are recommended for day(sativa) and night(indica) usage. The effects, although they vary from one user to another, are creativity(sativa), uplifting(sativa), calmness(indica), relaxing(indica), helps in sleeping(indica), and for couch-locking mood(indica). Please check our online line-up of shatters. We do fast deliveries around Kamloops. Shipping our products is also possible in BC.

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Tuna Kush, Master Kush, MKU, Blue Rhino, Death Bubba, Honey Suckle, Pink Kush, Lemon haze, UK Cheese, Rockstar, Booger, White Fire, Girl Scout cookies, Pineapple Express


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