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AAA Grade – 7 Strains Available

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Strains Available – AAA Grade

Jungle Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid created through crossing Jungle Kush with Girl Scout Cookies. Famous for it’s heavy flavor and long-lasting effects, this strain is ideal for indica lovers looking for a powerful high.

Citrus Punch is a sativa-dominant hybrid that comes on strong, but can still be enjoyed during the day. A unique terpene profile gives this mid-potency strain its most distinctive quality—the smell and taste of fresh Florida oranges.

P.B Red is enough to make your mouth water, but a few tokes of Peanut Butter Breath will likely leave you drooling for some snacks later on. A cross between Do-Si-Dos and Mendobreath F2, she’s an evenly balanced hybrid that packs a big flavor with big effects. Bred by ThugPug Genetics, she remains a bit mysterious compared to her counterparts.Potency can range quite a bit with this strain, as some users report finding her as low as 15% while others state she tops out at 28%. Either way, her flower is absolutely stunning and takes on a grape shape with red-orange pistils and trichomes that are both white and purple.

Looking for an indica-dominant hybrid weed strain that offers a strong head and body high? Look no further with Forum Cut Girl Scout Cookies. This is a potent strain that’s absolutely caked with trichomes. This weed strain has an earthy, gassy tone to it with a sweet undertone. It’s perfect for nighttime or for when you want to spend all day at home.


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